Lobby Signs for Financial Firms in Irvine CA
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Interior Dimensional Letter Signs for Financial Advisors Depict Professionalism in Irvine CA!

One of the essential tasks a financial advisor must undertake is to win the confidence of their customers. Index Fund Advisors contacted Caliber Signs & Imaging to get help with this task. This was when we suggested the display of interior dimensional letter signs in Irvine, CA, to boost brand and name recognition.

3D Letter Lobby Signs Highlight the Company’s Commitment to Excellence and Longevity

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Three-dimensional letters impress with their size. Besides that, they excel at featuring your brand colors in vivid tones. When we put together the dimensional letters and associated logo symbol for IFA, we focused our attention on the color play that the firm had chosen.

It underscores confidence in the service. Besides that, the written message highlights the niche that the company is in. Therefore, the customer knows that they have come to the right place for their wealth management needs.

Most importantly, we mounted several of these signs in the client’s office building. There, they greet customers as they are visiting different departments and representatives. As a result, the brand message is always in front of the consumer. It is an excellent way of building confidence and name recognition while fostering brand awareness.

Choosing a Material that Encapsulates the Brand Message

Lobby Signs for Financial Firms in Irvine CA

As a business owner, you have a broad range of options when deciding on the right material for your dimensional letter lobby signs.

  • Metal. One of the most frequently requested materials in the financial sector is metal. It bespeaks longevity in a niche. Besides that, it highlights a brand message that builds on the notion that your business is here for the long haul. Choose from stainless steel, bronze, brass, and aluminum.
  • Acrylic. Select a matte of high-gloss finish for your acrylic 3D sign. We paint the material in any color of the rainbow, which makes it ideal for showing off your brand hues. If you need a display of gradient color changes, we incorporate imprinted vinyl overlays in the mix.
  • Sign foam. When you want to go deeper than the customary one-inch-maximum that metal or acrylic provide, you cannot go wrong with sign foam. It allows for lettering that measures up to three inches in thickness. Therefore, we can create impressive displays that jut out from the wall and make a significant impact.

Illuminated Interior Dimensional Letter Signs in Irvine, CA? We Make Those!

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One of the latest trends that are gaining quite a bit momentum is the move toward illuminated lobby signs. Although most people might associate them with lobby logo boards, we can also do them while using lettering. For example, we gladly scale down channel letters to fit in perfectly with your interior signage.

At Caliber Signs & Imaging, we gladly show you the various options that are open to you. Even if all you know is that you need dimensional interior letters, we can assist you with selecting the right size, material, and font style. Besides that, we also help you with the color play. We serve the business communities in Orange County, statewide, and even nationwide. Call today for more information!

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