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How Window Wraps Help To Promote Your Business

Caliber-Signs-Irvine-Window-Wraps-1Window wraps or window graphics are a cost effective way to advertise your products and services. Think about it; your store may be some distance from the street and your #1 objective is to attract attention and increase visibility.


Your main business sign happens to be too small but it is at the maximum size permitted, and your location happens to have heavy foot or vehicle traffic passing by. How do you get your place to be more visible? First, check to see if your lease allows window signage. If it does, you may be limited to a small percentage of the glass area. This will identify the amount of graphic that may be applied to the glass. If the lease does not limit the amount of window signage, we can check the city code for any specific zoning that may exist at that location.

Take a look at the two photographs below and tell me this is not the best type of promotional signage, ever!?


Window vinyl is available in a number of types of materials. For example, OPAQUE, CLEAR and PERFORATED are the best options to begin with. OPAQUE is used if you need the best possible image reproduction and it is okay to block the light into the building. CLEAR vinyl may be used if you need more of a subtle image and allow some light to pass through the window; and PERFORATED vinyl which is a one-way material that allows those inside to see outside, while still retaining good imagery when seen from the outside of the glass.

  • Cost effective given the promotional value
  • Short term or long term materials available
  • High resolution digital print imaging
  • Customized images to represent your business
  • Easy to remove
  • Offers privacy and security benefits
  • Acts as a sun block to reduce temperatures in the summer
  • Your best silent sales person!


Caliber offer professional design services if you need some creative assistance to display your brand effectively. We also advise on the material selection. Depending on how long you need the graphic installed, there are some options available on the materials for either temporary or extended use. The ease or degree of difficulty in getting the vinyl off is an important decision factor in selection of the material, and may just prevent some anger management if you select a permanent adhesive vinyl for a short term display.


Review our Frequently Asked Questions to get more answers to questions such as “What is the most effective sign for my business?”. You can also contact our sign specialists for more information at (949) 748-1070

Additionally we offer a “Corporate Signs Pricing Guide” to help you decide on Exterior or Interior signage for your needs.