Master Sign Program in Orange County CA

If you own or manage a commercial building in almost any city in Orange County, CA, Master Sign Programs (MSP) not only help you plan for initial signage, but they also help you as new tenants lease part of your building or areas of your commercial building complex. Every commercial building that will have two or more tenants needs a Master Sign Program in Orange County that consists of extensive documents and drawings that determine where signage will be placed. These signs include building signs, monument signs, and directory signage. Once complete, a Master Sign Program is submitted to the city and remains part of the property’s signage guidelines.

Master Sign Program in Orange County CA

Once filed with the city, the MSP becomes very beneficial and invaluable to property managers, architects, and building owners. Why? Because it will be necessary to get the MSP from the city to determine future signage plans for the property—especially for new tenants coming in. Essentially, without an MSP, any requests for a certain type of signage from tenants may be impossible. With an MSP in place, however, property managers can guide the tenant to pre-approved signage. And the MSP stays with the property permanently so landlords and property managers know what type of signage is allowed and where it can be placed on a property.

What If You Don’t Have a Master Sign Program in Orange County CA

Caliber Signs is a licensed sign contractor and we have completed multiple Master Sign Programs for a variety of commercial properties within Orange County. Once an MSP is complete, if a landlord or building manager comes to us with a signage need, it makes it easier to fabricate and install the signage based on MSP guidelines.

The following items help you determine why you need an MSP and how Caliber Signs can help:

  1. Leasing Properties – Landlords will be able to see if an MSP exists and then work with us so we can produce tenant signage based on approved criteria for the property.
  2. No Sign Program – If there is no MSP in existence and there are no signs on the building, Caliber Signs will work with the building manager to develop and submit the required documents for an MSP to the city.
  3. Sign Variations – The information included in a Master Sign Program may differ from the criteria found in the city’s development code to achieve specific branding and architectural requirements. Caliber Signs will help you meet the standards consistent with the MSP.

Keep in mind, even with an MSP in place, any building sign will still need a permit, however, gaining that permit is much easier because cities will defer to the MSP.

Our Commitment to MSP Quality

Get a 25 percent discount off a Master Sign Program in Orange County CA

Caliber Signs has custom support documents for cities and counties that outline what’s needed for a Master Sign Program. Once you have the program in place, the signage rights for your building will be in place for years to come. This is a huge benefit for building and property owners, especially when attracting new tenants for long-term lease agreements. Having an MSP in place is also a big selling point when commercial properties are sold.

Discounts on Master Sign Programs

Currently, Caliber Signs is making the cost of Master Sign Programs more affordable. We are offering a 25 percent discount on the cost to submit an MSP. Throughout the year 2021, we are offering a 25 percent discount on MSP fees. We’ll provide you with a firm quote based on the scope of the project after a site survey and client meeting.

It’s also prudent to work with a commercial sign company that is also a licensed contractor. Our knowledge and experience will make the process easy for you.

Having a sign program can be invaluable so we invite you to take advantage of this discount before the end of the calendar year 2021. Simply fill out the form below to get started on your 25% discount!