Sandblased Foam Signs in Orange County CA

HDU Foam and Sandblasted Signs Perfect as Exterior Signs in Orange County CA

At Caliber Signs & Imaging, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of sign-making technology. Cases in point are our HDU foam and sandblasted signs in Orange County, CA.

What is High-Density-Urethane (HDU)?

HDU Foam and Sandblasted Signs in Orange County CA

HDU is a human-made material. Sign shops use it to manufacture three-dimensional products. Because it is polyurethane foam, our technicians can sandblast or carve it. Depending on your preference, we can create a smooth backdrop or add texture for heightened visual appeal and they make great exterior signs.

Wood vs. HDU

Carved and Sandblasted Signs in Orange County CA

Even though we do offer you the option of fabricating wood signs, more and more clients choose HDU. It is an excellent alternative to wood, and we can make it look as though it had a grain.

Consider that wood needs some care. It tends to dry out, shrink, and eventually crack. This is frequently the case when the paint fades or peels. With foam, you do not have these issues. It neither dries out nor shrinks. In addition, if the color fades over time, all you need is a new coat of paint. We figure it might be an excellent option to schedule that once every decade.

Who Favors Sandblasted (and sometimes wood) Signs?

Sandblasted Signs in Irvine CA

Two words: beach cities. These areas have a specific appeal and draw an eclectic group of visitors. There are the surfers, the beachgoers, the vacationers, the locals, the visitors from inland, and anyone else. Sandblasted wood signs are popular in beach cities to provide a natural look and finish.

However, if you prefer HDU, we can easily machine it to form any shape and even take on a grain look to simulate the sandblasted effects such as wood grain. It does excellent with constant sun exposure. High heat is no problem. Even the continued onslaught of sand in the air does not harm it. HDU will not rot, crack, or warp. Business owners who are looking for a sign material that carries a lifetime warranty love HDU!

Companies in need of monument signs, post and panel products, dimensional letters, and wall signs typically request HDU. We can use the material to produce blade signs, building signs, and large logo displays. Since the material is somewhat lightweight, it is safe for installation on virtually any wall surface.

How to Buy the Right Material for the Job

Exterior Sign Choices in Orange County CA

Are you thinking of adding the beauty of wood or HDU to your business’ brand-building efforts? We can help. The material comes in several densities and thicknesses for a variety of applications. We gladly assist you with selecting the best materials for HDU foam and sandblasted signs in Orange County, CA.

Some businesses also like to transform their lobbies and conference rooms with the intricate beauty this manufacturing technique provides. We can use wood, HDU, but also acrylic or metal for these types of signs.

Caliber Signs & Imaging serves the business communities in and around Orange County, including Irvine, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Orange, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and Newport Beach. Call us at (949) 748-1070 to schedule a design appointment!

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