Double sided window decals in Orange County CA

Get Your Message Across Affordably with Double-Sided Window Decals and Stickers in Orange County!

Have you seen double-sided window decals and stickers in Orange County, CA, cars, stores, and offices? Did you notice that some have alignment problems while others are cracking? The technicians at Caliber Signs & Imaging have resolved this pain point to our customers’ satisfaction.

How Most Shops Create Double-Sided Window Stickers

Double sided window decals in Orange County CA

Most of the time, these double-sided decals are actually two single-sided stickers that are placed on both sides of the glass. The sticker on the outside must be placed perfectly to line up with the one on the inside. This rarely happens. Besides the alignment problem, the sticker on the outside can get peeled off or destroyed by the elements. Over time, it fades and cracks.

How Caliber Signs Does Double-Sided Window Decals

We have found a better way of filling these orders. For starters, our specialists use four layers of vinyl and a proprietary fabrication technique. With the product imprinted on both sides, you only need one sticker for a double-sided display. Best of all, you can get these stickers on peel-off backings or individually on a roll. The pain points of alignment issues and weathering are solved.

Who Uses Double-Sided Decals?

double sided window decals and stickers in Orange County CA

You already know that you see them on drive-thru windows, where they indicate payment options. You also see them on the vehicle windows of ride-share drivers, where they identify the company. However, did you know that there are so many more applications for them?

  • Safety. Indicate your glass doors’ push or pull sides. It seems like a small problem, but it embarrasses consumers to make a mistake.
  • Advertising. What is the hot product or service your company provides right now? Feature it as a point-of-sale decal on the acrylic separators at the cash registers or on the glass door entrance to a specific department.
  • Swag. Have your customers help spread the work. Double-sided stickers are perfect for schools, child care centers, gyms, and other venues where members like to highlight their affiliation. They are also suitable for stores and niche venues to advertise with taglines or “insider” lingo and abbreviations.

How to Order Your Double-Sided Window Decals and Stickers in Orange County, CA

Double Sided Stickers in Irvine CA

Every decal order starts with the design portion. What is the color palette you want us to work with? Do you like circles, or would you prefer a different shape? Next, remember that the message must be in keeping with the size of the decal. Trying to fit too much on a decal reduces its effectiveness.

Of course, nobody says that you cannot place multiple stickers on a glass surface to continue a message or spell out an idea. By the way, some clients also like to use these double-sided decals for employee reward programs, volunteer recognition, or to honor contributors to a cause. In the same way, you might use stickers as decorative pieces of art.

Caliber Signs & Imaging serves the business communities in and around Irvine, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Orange, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and Newport Beach as well as other Orange County cities. Because there are so many decal options open to you, contact us now for more information!


Right after we posted this blog we received an order and a great testimonial from Foodja!

“We were looking for a local vendor that could produce double-sided window decals for our restaurant partnership program. Our initial design was complex but Martin and his team worked with us to find the perfect solution and Caliber Signs more than delivered! We highly recommend Caliber Signs and will continue to work with them on future projects.”

Eva Hsu, Marketing Manager Foodja

Mike Folling, Director of Marketing Foodja

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