How Illuminated Building Signs Look at Night
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GAC Motor Adds Custom Illuminated Building Sign to USA Headquarters in Costa Mesa CA!

GAC Motor does business at 485 East 17th Street. This company is a major Chinese automobile manufacturer planning to make a grand entrance into the American market next year. The Costa Mesa headquarters will serve as the local base for vehicle design. Not surprisingly, this firm looked for highly-customized illuminated building sign in Costa Mesa, CA, to create a brand-centric representation of what the business is all about.

Exceptional Custom Design and Expert Artistry Result in an Eye-Catching Three-Dimensional Sign

Custom Illuminated Building Signs in Costa Mesa CA

GAC Motor had already decided on a concept that would represent its brand. However, our sign shop added value by creating a functional sign from a standard 2D illustration. Spoiler alert: The finished product is a 3D sign that seems to be part of the building itself.

How Illuminated Building Signs Look at Night

What sets this project apart from others we have undertaken is the brand-centric approach to customization. The logo portion, for example, is illuminated. The lettering features a unique wedge style. The lower pattern is visible from inside the office area. We used an aluminum square tube frame. Next, three sheets of one-quarter-inch Baltic birch were stained to a natural hickory tone with a polyurethane clear coat finish.

The logo cutout features frosted vinyl over a quarter-inch-thick acrylic panel. Right behind this setup, there is an aluminum pan cabinet that holds the white LEDs our technicians placed on the logo’s back. This construction enables the logo to be backfilled with illumination. Look closely, and you will notice that the logo is precision-cut. We used our CNC machine.

Installing Building Signs in Costa Mesa CA

For the lettering, we picked high-density foam that is three inches deep. This product let us cut the wedges we needed. By the way, we also used our router for the pattern that we then mounted onto a quarter-inch-thick clear acrylic board. This board is then fixed to the aluminum frame.

Installing the sign was a bit of a challenge. The client wanted to be able to see the pattern from inside the office. Therefore, the lower part of the sign would be mounted over the glass panels. Our specialists conducted a site survey and determined that we had to mount and secure the frame to the mullion and parapet as a first step. By placing it on the building, we could assemble the panels and lighting and then integrate them into the already set up frame.

Building Sign Installation in Costa Mesa CA

The wood panels would be screwed into the frame. It is fair to say that there was absolutely no room for error. Not only did the components have to be perfectly sized and manufactured as puzzle pieces to fit inside a frame, but the physical aspect of mounting the parts had to be done with exact lifting and dropping them into place. Our technicians did all the calculations to prevent the wall from being pulled down or the wooden panels from encountering any damage.

Our sign shop also took charge of the project management. Doing so allowed us to coordinate with an electrician to install a dedicated electrical line on the roof. The client opted for an astronomical timer control, an on and off switch box, and a waterproof power supply box to protect the investment. Watch a video of the install below:

On the installation date, we arrived with our 10K reach forklift to which we attached a basket. This setup would allow us to lift the 13-foot structure into place from a 20-foot offset in the parking lot. We also brought a 30-foot reach bucket truck to install the face panels. Then, there were the 28-foot ladder and the 24-foot U-Haul box truck to transport the sign.

It took ten hours to install the sign fully. However, it was worth it. Our client was ecstatic!

Why Did We Take So Much Time to Talk about the Design and Installation of Illuminated Building Signs in Costa Mesa, CA?

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You know Caliber Signs & Imaging as the experts in the design, production, and installation of all types of building signs. You have read our blogs and seen our photos of channel letters, box cabinets, 3D building letters, and monuments.

However, we wanted to highlight that the tagline, “Display You Brand,” is not just a saying. Rather, we are willing and able to create the signs that others cannot. To this end, we use innovative techniques, know-how, and teamwork. Connect with us today to see how we can transform your brand message into a sign!

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