Vinyl Distraction Markers for Windows in Orange County CA

Frosted Vinyl Distraction Graphics for Offices in Orange County CA!

Frosted vinyl distraction graphics in Orange County CA

Our clients are already familiar with the frosted and etched vinyl privacy graphics that we design, produce, and install. However, did you know that we also make frosted vinyl distraction graphics in Orange County, CA? Here is what you need to know.

What Are Distraction Graphics?

Vinyl Distraction Markers for Windows in Orange County CA

Distraction patterns are vinyl applications that alert people to the presence of glass. It is commonly in use with floor-to-ceiling panes that may be connected to other panels. The graphics prevent customers, guests, or patients from walking into the glass. As such, they function as safety signage.

However, you do not have to keep it purely functional. Our sign shop offers a broad range of creative solutions that combine safety and branding in the design of the vinyl. For example, you might order your corporate name and logo to be placed on the glass.

Who Benefits from the Installation of Vinyl Graphic Distraction Patterns?

Frosted Vinyl Distraction Graphics and Dots in Orange County CA

Any business can benefit from the safety aspect that distraction patterns bring to the plate.

  • Hotel bedrooms. The floor to ceiling windows provide the guest with a stunning view. However, there is the danger that they might walk into the panes for a closer look. Something as simple as a slim presentation of your hotel’s name will assist the guest with remembering the presence of the glass.
  • Meeting spaces. Now frequently featuring sliding glass doors, meeting rooms that are parts of offices, schools, or general office buildings make it easy to miss the material’s presence. Frosted vinyl with etched dots is a fantastic distraction pattern that starts geometrically on the bottom and gradually changes to a more random pattern toward the middle and upper third.
  • Office hallways. It is not unusual to find hallways with several offices and meeting rooms branching off. However, in addition to doors, there are also window panes. Frosted vinyl with cut out logos is an excellent way of preserving privacy, branding and adding safety to your office setup. Other graphics may feature rounded images displaying examples of the corporate color palette or geometric stripes in neutral colors.

Making the Graphics Work for the Business

Frosted Logo Glass Graphics in Orange County CA

We recommend using frosted vinyl distraction graphics in Orange County CA in any area where you might have installed floor to ceiling glass walls, windows, or doors. You most commonly find them in the foyers of hotels and Class “A” office buildings, hotel rooms, and the majority of commercial office spaces. In some cases, you may also find these types of glass panels in industrial settings.

Window Privacy Film for offices in Orange County CA

The advantages of these glass panes are clear. They allow plenty of natural light to enter the space. Moreover, they contribute to the appearance of an open floor plan, whereas walls in place of the glass would give the appearance of a small space. By the way, the distraction graphics are also excellent for privacy-conscious office operators.

How Could You Benefit from Vinyl Distraction Markers in Orange County, CA?

Office Window Glass Distraction Graphics in Orange County CA

Maintain the illusion of a vastly spacious setting. At the same time, ask our team to install frosted vinyl in the form of tall bands that we apply to the glass, which offers a high-end, etched look. Call today!

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