ADA Accessible Parking Signs in Costa Mesa CA

When Experian’s California headquarters needed Vista office signs in Orange County, our sign shop handled the project. Recently, the company contacted us again to request assistance with the design, production, and installation of exterior directional signage in Costa Mesa, CA.

Experian Leads the Way with Traffic Safety Signs on Its Property

We worked with the client’s management team, which requested that we focus our attention on various safety signage products for the location.

Entrance and Exit Parking Garage Signs in Costa Mesa CA

Exit/entrance signs. For the venue’s parking structure, the company requested easy-to-read lettering that identified the entrance and exit. This step ensures that visitors to the location have an easy time finding their way around the property. Moreover, our technicians placed a stop sign near the parking lot’s exit, which ensures that motorists slow down and observe safety rules when there is oncoming traffic.

Pedestrian Crossing Signs in Costa Mesa CA

Pedestrian/traffic signs. Post and panel signs identify areas that pedestrians can walk and use for crossing. These signs display yellow diamonds on brown backdrops, which results in excellent color contrast. The client requested the same color combination for its speed limit sign. However, they display circles rather than diamonds. Stop signs, too, were mounted to dark brown post and panel signs.

ADA Accessible Parking Signs in Costa Mesa CA

ADA-compliant signage. Along with other regulatory messages, Experian opted for highly visible signage that signaled the facility and property’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

An earthy brown color was chosen for the posts to help blend into the landscape, with vibrant colors for the signage and messaging to ensure clear visibility and readability.

Communicate Quickly and Accurately with Customers

Reserved parking lot signs in Costa Mesa CA

Directional signs make it possible for your visitors to have a good experience at your location before setting foot inside your office or store. They run the gamut from assisting with wayfinding before the visitor ever parks the car to locating departments or restrooms after they are inside.

Exterior directional signage in Costa Mesa CA

Customization is a good option when you want to imbue the signage with a touch of your brand message. For exterior directional signs, we recommend using durable materials that will continue looking great even after ongoing sun exposure in and around Costa Mesa.

Property Speed Limit Signs in Costa Mesa CA

  • Plastic. There are several thicknesses of plastic. These signs are great when mounted on walls and other areas where you anticipate much exposure to sprinklers. We can imprint the signs or add vinyl overlays.
  • Aluminum. One of the most lightweight materials, aluminum lasts for a long time and is resistant to insect damage. Add reflective vinyl lettering for messages you want consumers to read after dark.
  • Vinyl. Durable vinyl for floor and wall graphics is another good choice. It makes use of the surfaces you have without the need for adding post and panel signs or other markers.

We recommend adding an anti-graffiti laminate to your exterior signs. It protects against undesirable scribbles and enables your maintenance personnel to clean up your new signs with little more than a cleaning solution and a soft cloth. Protecting your investment in directional signs has never been easier.

The Best Way to Buy Exterior Directional Signage in Costa Mesa, CA

Custom Property Stop Signs in Orange County CA

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