Reserved Parking Signs in Orange County CA

Examples of Site Signs to Inform and Direct Clients on Your Property in Orange County CA

Caliber Signs technicians routinely work with property management companies, developers, and contractors to put up customized site signs in Orange County, CA. These products feature corporate details, advertise various services or products, or provide directional wayfinding assistance to visiting customers. Here are some examples of space use post and panel signage solutions.

Identify Public Access Limitations with Entrance Signage

No Public Access Signs in Orange County CA

Limit unwanted traffic by alerting passersby that your parking lot entrance is for a commercial venture only. The signage identifies those who may have limited access while others may not use the space for turnarounds or overnight parking. We recommend black on white lettering, which is easy to read in any weather.

Enforce No-Smoking Rules in Common Use Areas

No Smoking Site Signs in Orange County CA

Whether it is a clause in the employee handbook, a rule of the property management company, or simply the preference of the building owner, if there is a no-smoking policy in effect, signage helps reinforce it. Common areas where people might congregate easily become smoke break locations. Put up signage that identifies the space as smoke and vape-free. A white print against a black backdrop allows for clear visibility even as the sign blends into the landscape.

Restrict Parking to Customers and Others Doing Business at a Specific Location

Private property tow away signs in Orange County CA

With parking in hot demand, Orange County drivers have begun to leave their cars in lots where they do not have any business. In the process, they take valuable spots away from companies’ customers who need these spaces. Red on white print is a standard display for “Tow Away Zone” warnings. Signal your venue’s willingness to enforce the parking rules, which may deter unauthorized individuals from leaving their vehicles.

Accommodate Smokers with Designated Smoking Areas

Custom Site Signs in Orange County CA

We have already identified the type of signage a company might use to prevent smoking on its premises. If you have determined to set aside a space for smokers, identify the area with signage. Moreover, many companies have begun to issue warnings that specify the space as dangerous for second-hand smoke. It is an invaluable aspect of public education. A white-on-black sign once again allows for easy readability as well as the opportunity to have the sign blend into the landscaping.

Reserve Parking for Employees, Customers, and Other Authorized Individuals

Reserved Parking Signs in Orange County CA

Part parking sign and part wayfinding marker, this product is the ideal opportunity for repeating your company’s name, logo, and corporate color palette. It is a fantastic method for identifying spaces allocated to your company in larger parking structures or lots. Moreover, it is a good option for you to advertise your business in a larger setting.

Caliber Signs & Imaging Customizes Site Signs in Orange County, CA

Company specific reserved parking signs in Irvine CA

The trick for site signs in parking areas and public use spaces is the complete customization of the product. Moreover, there are plenty of ways to have these signs stand out with color plays while other products blend into the surrounding landscape a little more. In this way, we accommodate your goals for the site signage.

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