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 If you decide to go on the Internet to do your shopping for office signs, there is a good chance you will find some great prices. However, when you cut corners with an online supplier, you are missing out on some important opportunities. For instance, when you incorporate your business’s logo into your signage, potential clients will start to remember your brand. Once consumers remember you, they will begin to trust you. Then, when they need the services or products that you offer, your organization will be the first place they call.

You will drive your sales in the long run when you install custom office signs in Irvine, CA. How do you know what to get? We have compiled this list of popular office sign alternatives to help you:



Lobby signs are not only used to identify your business to customers, but they are also important for building brand recognition. Also referred to as waiting room signs or reception area signs, these markers utilize a variety of materials. You can display your logo using giant vinyl wall murals. If you are going for a professional look, metal dimensional letters are a must. And, companies that are on the cutting edge should look into acrylic lobby signs. The best materials will depend on your goals for your signage.



Corporate offices of yesteryear used to feature the names of executives etched into the glass of their office doors. This can get to be quite expensive, especially with management changing positions so often these days. With frosted vinyl window lettering, you can still achieve this sophisticated appearance. Plus, with window lettering of any size, typeface, or color, you can label different departments within your venue.



If you have conference rooms that are surrounded by large floor-to-ceiling glass panes, you essential-office-signs-in-irvine-ca-3know how distracting it can get during meetings as people walk by and sometimes stop to see what is going on. You can fix this issue with affordable frosted vinyl films. You can add a level of privacy to your meeting rooms while also including your corporate logo to promote your branding.



What do you see when you walk into most reception areas? There are usually boring, nondescript framed paintings. Our large format digital printer has the ability to print high-resolution images on a variety of materials, including canvas, vinyl, and paper. When adhesive vinyl is used, we can install murals and other graphics directly to your walls.

essential-office-signs-in-irvine-ca-4A perfect way to display wall art is with framed canvas prints of images relevant to your industry. For example, you might consider scenes from the country where your cuisine originates or photos of your best dishes if you operate a restaurant. Or, if you are a contractor who is especially proud of a particular project, large framed photos of your handiwork may be in order.

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