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How to Plan Trade Show Exhibits That Appeal (Part 3)

It is finally time to plan trade show exhibits. In the first part of this series, we looked at trade show event management with an eye on brand building. From there, we looked closely at the six months leading up to the trade show event. At that time, we discussed social media presence as well as the integration of vehicle wraps. Now, we focus on trade show booths and signage solutions that engage visitors.

Plan Trade Show Exhibits

What are Trade Show Booths?

Think of a trade show booth as your storefront in a neighborhood of competitors. Next, consider the visitor’s point of view. What would attract them to one booth over another? Successful clients rely on exhibit asset management that incorporates the senses.

  • Sight. Vibrant colors, moving displays, and a clear focus on the booth’s purpose draw the eye.
  • Smell. Savvy presenters follow the advice of real estate agents and have something that smells good without being overpowering. Examples include scents such as cedar or vanilla.
  • Sound. The sound you play ties into the product or service you provide. For example, if you sell sports equipment, you would have the soft noise of crowds at a sports game in the background. It is loud enough to hear but not so loud that it is obnoxious.
  • Taste. Have novelty snacks and candies that have a brand connection. These should be unusual, which immediately sets you apart from others.
  • Touch. Give visitors a chance to touch your products. Have multiple available. By the way, pay attention to the floor. Is it comfortable to walk in your booth setup? Visitors notice these little things.


Plan Trade Show Exhibits with the Display Space in Mind

The biggest mistake trade show attendees make is cramming too much into a small booth. Visitors need to be able to move around, engage with your products and brand, and not get bumped by others. We suggest opting for the most extensive display you can put into the space.

Exhibit Asset Management

Moreover, consider a multi-story design if you are limited to a small footprint. These are rare and become immediate eye-catchers. In addition, work with our graphic artist to develop a theme for the booth that displays on the background, hanging signs, banners, and flutter flags. Once again, do not combine themes. Pick one that you will commit to.

Caliber Signs Irvine Tradeshow Displays

It is always a good idea to also commit to seemingly minor things. Examples include carpeting for the booth, a branded table throw, ceiling-mounted wayfinding signs, and branded giveaway items.

After the Trade Show

Did you know that you can reuse many of your booth items for display in a lobby? There, they become customer education tools for in-office or store marketing. After the show, take the time to debrief your team. Find out what visitors were asking. Take this information and address it on social media, your splash page, and any follow-up steps you take with visitors. Get your blog writer involved, too.

Granted, we make trade show planning sound easy. But when you have a full-service sign shop by your side, it is simpler than you think. Call us today to discuss your next trade show display!