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Drive Your Brand With Vehicle Wraps In Anaheim CA!

As you hit the roads of Orange County, are you regularly in awe of the beautiful designs on vehicles? Across the globe, vehicle wraps are becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses. You can drive your organization into a new direction of branding with vehicle wraps Anaheim CA consumers will remember. Read on to learn how.


drive-your-brand-with-vehicle-wraps-in-anaheim-ca1Product packaging professionals spend a lot of time figuring out the best packaging design for everything from fast food to cars. Most of the time, the first exposure consumers have to a product or service is the packaging, and this is also what they remember.

How do shoppers first learn about your goods and services? It is the trailers, delivery vehicles, company cars, or work trucks for many businesses. Your branding often begins with these vehicles. You can forget about bringing in new customers if you have plain cars. But, when you incorporate sharp vinyl graphics into your vans, trucks, cars, or even boats, you can create a memorable impression no matter what industry you are in.



Many major organizations, such as the American Trucking Association, Transportation Advertising Council of America, Products Acceptance and Research, Arbitron, and Perception Research Services, have examined the efficacy of vehicle graphics. This is what their studies have turned up:

  • 91 Percent of respondents noticed graphics and text on vehicle advertising
  • Mobile advertising gets two and a half times more attention than a traditional billboard
  • Vehicle advertising boosts brand awareness fifteen times more than any other type of advertising
  • More than 27 percent of heavy commuters do not read any newspapers, but vehicle graphics reach these consumers
  • 96 Percent of those surveyed said mobile advertising is more effective than other outdoor ads



When you think of car graphics, you likely envision vehicle wraps. Anaheim, CA enterprises can definitely get the most benefit from high impact wraps, but what if you do not have a huge marketing budget to work with? Or, what if you have a fleet of ten or more vans that needs graphics? Vehicle wraps may not be the best alternative in these instances. Truck lettering is the lowest cost form of vinyl graphics. There are several standard colors and fonts, or we can create custom lettering featuring your unique branding. There are even matte, reflective, neon, and metallic styles.

Vinyl lettering works well with spot graphics or vinyl decals. These are ideal for showcasing your logo, top selling products, services, or some of your handiwork on the side of your work trucks. Vinyl window perf is another viable branding option. While still being able to see out, you can expose a captive audience stuck in traffic to your message displayed on your rear window.

If you are unsure about what solution is best for your company, don’t worry! Our friendly experts can assist you in picking the right graphics for your purposes. Contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free meeting.