Dimensional Letters Perfect For Lobby Signs In Orange County CA

As you visit companies throughout Orange County, you cannot help but notice the many different dimensional letter signs. These markers are the perfect option for getting information across in a sophisticated way. We have put together some great examples of what can be done with dimensional letter lobby signs for Orange County, CA to help give you some ideas of how you can use this visual branding solution to benefit your organization.




Acrylic is one of the most popular dimensional letter sign materials because it is affordable, easy to work with, and it provides an elegant, glossy appearance. This has made acrylic a favorite for tech firm lobby signs.

When we say “dimensional letters,” we mean so much more. The label also refers to numbers along with logos. For instance, you can see that we incorporated the unique logo of ManagEase into their dimensional letter lobby sign. Our CNC router can precisely cut any material to match the specific contours of your marketing elements.



Your signs need to walk a tightrope between being concise and providing enough information to give consumers an idea of what your business is about. If your company name does not immediately bring to mind your industry, products, or services, then you may want to include your motto or slogan in your lobby signs.

Calico Building Services actually commissioned us to produce this sign for a conference room, so technically, it is not a lobby sign. Nonetheless, it serves the same purpose. Since meeting attendees will be exposed to the marker for long periods of time, it only made sense for them to incorporate their slogan “Building Service You Can Trust Since 1986.”



If you are looking to present an image of professionalism, elegance, and longevity in your industry, nothing compares to a metallic look. Dimensional letters are available in a variety of metals, including brass, bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum, but this is typically cost-prohibitive for most businesses. Instead, many organizations prefer metal laminates.

Behavioral Health Works chose an aluminum laminate for their lobby sign. We took a thin layer of real aluminum alloy and applied it to a PVC substrate to produce their remarkable new marker. There are a number of different finishes to choose from, including brushed, polished, or anodized metal. There are also silver and gold laminates as well.


Unless you are a brand new business, you probably already have a broad range of marketing materials that feature your unique branding, including letterheads, your website, and mailers. Thankfully, when we design your lobby sign, we can match your existing branding. For example, we can adapt your interior lettering to have the same sans serif typeface that is found on your exterior signage. This way, as customers transition from the outside of your facility to the inside, they will get a consistent visual experience.

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