Vehicle wrapped in graphics

Custom Vehicle Graphics Design


Vehicle wrap design can be a relatively easy process when branding a vehicle to match corporate advertising guidelines. Simply add your logo as the centerpiece graphic, add a contact number and/or website address, a tag line and maybe a call to action. Finally add color and imaging, which is consistent with the corporate branding. This might be a colorful gradient, curvy lines or a photograph. Voila, a wrap design is born.

But what if you choose not to have a ‘corporate design’. Your goal is to be more subtle with the imaging and not tow the line as seen with the commercial look. Something that offers a more unique look and style, less focus on the business name and more focus on looking like a custom car. A business car that can be driven home and left in the driveway without complaint or a car that can drive your child to school and not getting looked at for being too gaudy. One that balances work with personal needs.

This was the challenge set by Mitch from Express Employment. He had little idea of what he wanted in the beginning and fell into the category of “I know what I want when I see it”. We meet this from time to time. and the design team can face a complete roadblock if the team is not patient or prepared to communicate back and forth and seek to go the extra mile. We provided Mitch with several concepts, enough to base some critical feedback. After several consultations explaining the merits of the material choices, the variances in material longevity, and keeping within his budget, we finally struck a design decision.

The car is a Mini Cooper, original color cream with a black top. The final decision was to fully wrap the car in corporate blue with a gloss laminate finish, and to use a pattern of repeated logo images, the “stick man” as it became referred to. The only reference to the business is shown on the windows in white vinyl. The design features met the objectives of subtle branding mixed with retaining a privately owned look that would not be out of place in the house driveway.

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