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Consider these window signs in Irvine, CA

The professionals at Caliber Signs & Imaging can do a lot of things with your storefront windows. Whether you are interested in showcasing your best-selling products, boosting your brand recognition, or simply sharing your contact information and hours of operation, there are options for you. Below are the most popular types of window signs for Irvine, CA:


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We only use the highest-quality vinyl films from world-renowned manufacturers, like Oracal, 3M, and Avery, for our window graphics. And, with the use of our large-format digital printer, we can render any high-resolution images in vibrant colors. Window graphics are often used to dress up storefronts during the holidays, cover up unsightly areas of your enterprise that face the public, and to promote seasonal sales, such as back to school deals and spring specials.


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One of the most cost-effective ways to share information on your windows and doors is with window lettering. There are several different styles to choose from, including matte, metallic, reflective, neon, and more. Plus, we can customize your letters to precisely match your branding, including your company colors and fonts. Window lettering is typically used to list your organization’s name, business hours, website address, phone number, and products and services.


Consider these window signs in irvine ca-3The posters we offer are typically made of paper or vinyl. Paper is an inexpensive alternative for temporary use. Vinyl is preferable if you want something a little more durable that will last for long periods or that can be reused. Both are excellent materials for marketing upcoming sales. Or, you might consider a big poster showcasing your handiwork and top-selling products.


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Nothing is quite as effective at getting attention as hanging banners. These large signs can be made using a variety of materials. Cut vinyl banners are the smart solution if you want a massive sign that can be updated. This is helpful when you want to advertise an annual event for which only the dates change. We can simply change out certain information without completely replacing the sign.


Window signs for Irvine, CA are used by businesses in all industries. Here are some of the most common sectors:

  • Gyms and Fitness Centers – Fitness centers and gyms are likely experiencing a bit of a dip in sales at this time of year. Special deals advertised with window posters will get those numbers back up.
  • Auto Dealerships – Perforated window graphics are popular at auto dealerships. This vinyl film allows people inside of your showroom to see out while exposing consumers on the outside to your message.
  • Daycare Centers – When it comes to window signs for daycare centers, privacy is the main concern. Window graphics will keep people from looking in while helping you advertise your services.
  • Spas – Most people look for a list of products and services available when picking a spa. Vinyl window lettering will get this information across.

If you want to change the look of your storefront or you are ready to boost your marketing, contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free quote on window signs for your organization.