Window graphics for glass conference rooms in Irvine CA

Caliber Signs Printing Capabilities Offer Cool Floor to Ceiling Conference Room Window Graphics in Irvine CA!

Zuum Transportation Inc. is a returning customer. When the company moved to its new location at 131 Innovation Drive, the management team saw the glass walls and knew it wanted another set of floor-to-ceiling conference room window graphics in Irvine, CA. With the current measurements in hand, our sign shop went ahead with the project.

Relying on Existing Specs When Outfitting a New Office

Floor to ceiling conference room window graphics in Irvine CA

The client liked the idea that they did not have to repeat the consultation to develop the images. Moreover, they liked that their new conference room walls could look just as classy as their old ones. Having the same graphics up means that their brand conversation continues unhindered!

So, if we have already discussed these graphics’ design, fabrication, and installation in a prior post, why are we talking about it again? For starters, we want to underscore our printing and application capabilities. Moreover, look closely, and see the stunning effect of printing on clear vinyl that is then mounted to glass walls and windows.

Secondly, see how a full-panel wrap makes a difference in the presentation of the conference room walls. They go from being contemporary architecture to works of art. Moreover, they exemplify the integration of brand-specific images and words in the overall branding of a location. These window panels tell a story without having to include “buy me” advertising verbiage.

Glass Graphics are Advertising Messages That are Subtle

Transparent Conferene Room Window Graphics in Irvine CA

Advertising your products with posters, banners, and point-of-sale signs is a standard tool that business owners use. However, window graphics can also promote. But because they are part of the office’s interior decor, they need to be more subtle. After all, you do not want to change them every few months when you offer new products or services.

Window graphics for glass conference rooms in Irvine CA

For this reason, most clients are looking for ways to integrate window and also wall graphics into the brand story their office spaces tell. We recommend full-color wraps that cover the surfaces from floor to ceiling. Doing so lets you take advantage of a large panel display. Focus attention on the elements that make your business different from others in the field.

Examples might include the longevity of a product, your brand’s reach, or the support network you have built to assist customers after the purchase. These are examples of potential graphics that draw in customers and boost the great look of your location in the process.

How to Buy the Types of Wall or Window Wraps That Make a Difference

Glass Graphics for conference room window in Irvine CA

You realize that you could benefit from wall wraps or floor-to-ceiling conference room window graphics in Irvine, CA. However, you are unsure which images to integrate and how to space them so that they will not overwhelm the interior decor of the space. No problem!

Our graphic artist can assist you with designing wall and window wraps that will make a significant difference in the ways customers interact with your brand. If you already have a display you love, we can replicate it for your venue. Call us today to discuss your next glass project!

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