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Brand-building Vehicle Wraps Boost Your Visibility!

brand-building-vehicle-wraps-boost-your-visibilityCanvases are not the only place where masterpieces are being created these days. Our talented graphic artists are now able to produce creative works for the exterior of trucks, buses, vans, cars, and even boats. Wraps transforms vehicles into billboards on wheels. And, as thousands of people see your graphics each day, you have the potential for increased revenues. Today, we are going to talk about brand-building vehicle wraps for Orange County.


You might be familiar with some of the brand names we have wrapped vehicles and fleets for. Take a minute to look at some of the brand name vehicle wraps for Orange County we have produced. How many of the brands do you recognize? The reason you recognize these logos and color schemes is because these businesses have done a great job of getting their branding in front of you using a variety of methods.


The best way to build your brand recognition is through repetition. You want to get your name and logo in front of as many eyes as possible through different media. As people see your brand more, they become aware of it. And, consumers tend to trust brands that they recognize and give those companies their business when in need of their products or services.


brand-building-vehicle-wraps-boost-your-visibility3According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, a single vehicle wrap can garner between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day. Best of all, you are reaching your target audience as your company cars travel to events, jobsites, or are out on deliveries. This makes mobile marketing one of the best ways to build your brand.


In addition, wraps are cost effective. You will likely want to combine your mobile advertising with ads in traditional media. However, you will find that your fleet graphic campaigns are the most affordable. In fact, according to a recent three month study performed by world renowned vinyl manufacturer 3M in San Francisco, it costs approximately 48 cents to reach a thousand people with vehicle wraps. Outdoor advertising, such as billboards, is the next most successful method, and it costs $3.56 to reach a thousand people. To give you a better frame of reference, television costs $23.70.


brand-building-vehicle-wraps-boost-your-visibility5Our shop is full of the latest technology needed to make the best vehicle wraps on the roads today. With the wide array of wrap templates we have available to us, it is easy for us to create uniform vehicle graphics across your entire fleet, even if you have a broad range of makes and models. Brand consistency is important for building your brand. If one car has different colors and fonts than another, it will cause confusion.

If you purchase new vehicles for your fleet down the road, we make wrapping it simple by keeping your artwork on file. We can even remove the wraps from your old vehicles when it is time to sell them.


If you are interested in branding with the best, contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for vehicle graphics!