Branding with building signs in Anaheim CA
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Bibles for America Uses Powerful Branding Signs to Promote and Educate in Anaheim CA!

The power of branding can be a sign away. This understanding pertains to the interior and exterior surfaces. In fact, many companies and non-profit organizations begin a brand story outside and then continue it on the interior with targeted messages. See what powerful branding signs in Anaheim, CA, can do for you!

Case Study: Bibles for America Inspires Volunteers, Donors, and Recipients

Powerful branding signs in Anaheim CA

This non-profit organization has to have signage that draws in three distinct demographics. There are those in need of a Bible. Next, there are donors who are willing to fund the project. Finally, there have to be volunteers that handle the packing, transport, and other actions associated with the project. The signage the group uses has to appeal and be sufficiently brand-focused to make recognition easy. The story behind the success of Bibles for America can be seen in the video below:

We assisted with several products.

Brand with Channel Letters in Anaheim CA

Building sign. This sign is a perfect creation of the group’s symbol. Moreover, it has to stand out like a beacon by day or night. We developed a channel letter sign with an associated box cabinet that features the organization’s color and font. The client selected halo illumination that bathes each letter in a soft glow.

3D Letter Lobby signs in Anaheim CA

Wall sign. At the entrance, we placed a wall logo sign using half-inch acrylic letters. It is interesting to note that we did not add colors to this sign because the client wanted to draw attention to the colorful wall graphics we did next.

Corporate Wall Murals in Anaheim CA

Wall graphics. For the wall graphics, our team returned to the color palette the organization has selected for its signature presentation. They infuse the space with a strong brand identity while providing warmth to the environment’s overall look. Most importantly, they showcase the core values the group focuses on.

Combining these signs creates a robust and brand-centric display that begins on the exterior of the location and accompanies the visitor to the entrance and beyond.

Learn the story behind Bibles of America in this video:

Expressing a Brand with Signs

Brand Centric Wall Graphics in Anaheim CA

For the outside, several signage products stand out. For example, consider signs with built-in illumination such as channel letters, fabricated metal letters, and lightbox cabinets. If you do not need the lighting, we recommend installing three-dimensional letters using sign foam, acrylic, or metal.

Another excellent sign for brand-building outside is the monument. It typically addresses drivers. Some companies have pylons on their properties that allow for the display of a tenant panel. Consider pairing the building sign’s message with window graphics or lettering that expands on the information.

Corporate Branding with Wall Graphics in Anaheim CA

On the inside, there is space for brand-focused signs in the lobby, conference room, individual offices, and the cafeteria. Customization is possible even for ADA-compliant signs, which is an excellent boost for hallways. Also, there is a lot we can do with vinyl. In addition to walls, we can wrap appliances, cars, and anything else.

Let Us Help You Stand out with Powerful Branding Signs in Anaheim, CA

Corporate Wall Graphics for Breakrooms in Anaheim CA

Do you need assistance with the selection of the best brand-focused signs for your business or organization? Our sign shop can help. We routinely work with business clients who are branding, rebranding or expanding their brand’s footprint. Call us today to discuss the project!

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