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If you operate or own a business, you already know how beneficial it is to have large windows facing the public. You can get a boost when you use this space for your marketing campaigns. Plus, you will pique interest in your services and products while letting people know what they can expect to find in your store when you utilize window lettering in Irvine, CA. Offices and storefronts also use lettering for directional purposes when finding the entrance is confusing.

best-uses-for-window-lettering-in-irvine-ca1A LOOK AT WINDOW LETTERING

Essentially, vinyl window lettering is a smart idea for a variety of different uses. Here are some popular examples:

Details Relevant to Your Niche – This is particularly important for insurance agencies and salespeople. Since there are so many different insurance varieties, you should list the items you have available. When you carry difficult to find policies not found elsewhere, this is also helpful. Sporting goods trade-in and consignment stores can detail what they generally have in stock using vinyl lettering on their windows.


Company Information – Your window lettering is ideal for showcasing important advertising points, like your contact information, name, business hours, product details, and professional affiliations. When you clearly state that you are affiliated with your industry’s governing bodies, you enhance your reputation and inspire trust.

Directional Purposes – It is always a good idea to have arrows directing people to your entrance. If you have a corner suite that does not have an obvious door, this is especially important. These arrows assist first time visitor in finding your entrance when your facility has several doors. When they have to keep trying locked doors, clients can get frustrated.



Custom window lettering in Irvine, CA is beneficial for any enterprise with a physical location. This includes

Entrepreneurs – Advertising and branding are a must when you are first starting a new business. By using window lettering, you can generate brand and name recognition. We can keep your branding consistent by providing you with custom fonts.

Franchisees – Being part of a regional or national network has its advantages. But, it can still be hard to establish yourself in a new region. If you are the first franchise for the business in Southern California, this is especially true. Invite prospective customers in and display your franchise’s message with the help of vinyl lettering.


Property Managers – When you offer potential tenants window lettering for their suite, they will be more likely to sign a lease because they can start marketing their new location immediately. For a sophisticated appearance that will go well with any interior, consider adding etched and frosted vinyl window lettering.

These are just a few of the businesses that could benefit from window lettering. At Caliber Signs & Imaging, we know how important it is to keep your branding consistent. That is why we use cutting edge technology that allows us to precisely match the colors, logos, and typefaces that you use on your other marketing materials.

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