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Vinyl is one of the most popular materials used by sign makers these days. It is valued for its versatility, affordability, and durability. Additionally, with the help of our large format digital printer, we can produce any colors you want. Exact color matching is a must if you want to keep your branding consistent. We are going to look at the best uses for vinyl lettering in Orange County, CA in today’s blog. Here are the most common places where lettering is used:



Are you getting the most out of your large storefront window? Vinyl lettering on your storefront windows will improve your name recognition and help market your organization no matter what industry you are in. If you are located in a strip mall that gets a lot of foot traffic, window lettering can be useful in areas where your exterior building sign may not be visible.

You need to give consumers information about when you are open or how they should contact you if they happen to come by when you are closed. Lettering on your windows or door will advertise your hours of operation and contact information. Lettering can also let shoppers know about special deals and upcoming sales.



Any non-porous, smooth, flat surface can feature vinyl lettering. Because of this, businesses have found a variety of uses for vinyl lettering inside of their venue. For example, you could cover a large focal wall in your lobby with a giant logo sign. This would be cost prohibitive if you tried to use acrylic, high-density urethane, or metal for such a project. However, you can create a breathtaking first impression by covering a full wall with your branding using vinyl lettering.

Interior letters are also useful for identifying different departments and rooms within your building. Vinyl letter wayfinding and directional signs are popular on college campuses and in grade schools.

Executives in professional offices used to have their name etched into the glass door of their office. This is no longer a financially feasible solution for many businesses. Fortunately, you can mimic the look of etched glass by using frosted glass vinyl lettering.



Commonly called truck lettering, vehicle lettering is the most affordable way to put your enterprise’s name and contact information on your fleet of work vehicles. With the wide variety of vehicle lettering styles, including neon, metallic, reflective, and matte, you can catch the eyes of passengers, motorists, and pedestrians. Vinyl letters are the smart way to list your top-selling products and services on the back of your cars, vans, or trucks because this is where drivers will look when stuck in traffic. We can apply the lettering to your windows as well as the body of your car.

We can help you if you are unsure about how to use vinyl lettering in your facility. Our friendly professionals make recommendations that are specifically tailored to your business’s budget and goals. Contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free consultation on vinyl lettering in Orange County, CA.