Workplace safety warning signs in Orange County CA

They say that you cannot put a price tag on safety. However, you can set a limit on the money you spend when buying workplace safety warning signs in Orange County, CA. Not only do these products meet the requirements of most safety protocols and operations manuals, but they also assist with the protection of customers and workers alike.

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Anti-Slip Floor Signs are Customizable by Size

Workplace safety warning signs in Orange County CA

Do not pay too much for anti-slip floor signs. Twelve-inch diameter signs are less expensive than their 18-inch counterparts. Yet, no matter what size you select, you always get high-quality products.

  • Adhesive vinyl. There is none of the decal crawl, which is the practice of putting up a sticker and seeing it move with daily use. These floor signs stay in the place you designate.
  • Matte surface. Even the brightest overhead lights will not prevent a clear display of the safety messages. This is an essential benefit in a place where task lighting routinely means exposure to high Kelvin numbers.
  • Slip-resistant. Do you know that slip-resistant goes hand in hand with scratch-resistance? Even constant daily traffic will not damage the decals before the end of their useful lives.
  • Customizable. Sure, we already offer several pre-designed products for your workplace. However, when only something truly unique will do, we can help.

Social Distancing Signs May Cost More Than Duct Tape, but They are Worth It

Social Distancing Floor Decals in Orange County CA

Have you seen the painter’s tape or duct tape some stores are putting down for social distancing? It disintegrates quickly, but it also leaves an unsightly glue smear behind on the floor. This obviously is not a very professional presentation.

You have a better option. Adhesive vinyl stickers with matte slip-resistant surfaces are excellent choices. Choose diameters ranging from 12 inches to 36 inches. Other options include contour-cut footprints or arrows for making aisles one-way only. As always, the more stickers you order, the more money you save due to quantity discounts.

Fire Extinguisher Signs for Your Unique Needs

Fire Extinguisher Signs in Orange County CA

It is a common misconception that every fire extinguisher sign has to be made of the same material. Instead, there are different choices – with separate price tags.

  • Adhesive vinyl. Peel and stick vinyl is a good option for floors. In warehouses and distribution centers, these signs may be the easiest to notice.
  • PVC. Your pipes are made of this plastic. You can mount the sign with a nail or adhere it with double-stick tape. It is excellent for a wall, a cabinet, or a storage closet.
  • Aluminum. The most durable material is 3-mm-thick aluminum. Hang it up indoors or outside, use a nail, or pick up some standoffs for a more professional look.

Caution Signs That Let You Control the Customization

Workplace Caution Signs in Orange County CA

Are you just looking for a quick caution sign that alerts everyone to the need for hard hats? A clear sign with black on white print and yellow color will suffice. Do you want to get a little fancier? Add your logo for a great look. Do you want to imbue your space with safety colors? There is a great way to have a full-color line of signs that use standard tones or custom colors. You choose.

Select Targeted Evacuation Signs for the Numbers of Exits You Need to Tag

Workplace Admittance and Evacuation Signs

There is no right or wrong number when buying evacuation signs. For example, do you have an evacuation assembly point? Maybe you have more than one. Is there a place for employees to shelter in place in case of severe weather or during lockdowns?

Do you have one or more evacuation routes? You need signage that identifies the directions and destinations. Decide how much to pay by choosing the sizing that is right for you. Options include 4” by 18”, 7” by 10” and 18” by 12” for the larger products.

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