digital signage



The primary feature of digital signs is that they are very interactive. The have the ability to grab attention of potential customer lCaliber-Signs-Irvine-Digital-Signs-1ike no other type of sign. Digital signs have four primary (4) functions; to inform, to advertise, to educate, to sell. Messaging is brief since the viewer’s time span is short. The advantage that the software provides to the system is the content can be changed easily, constantly and in real time. This means different types of advertising may be scheduled for an hour, day or week to suit the target audience. The benefit is business owners can drive customer traffic and boost sales in a way that is more effective than ever before.


Examples of content scheduling:
Business owners may target messages to a particular demographic or to increase traffic during slow periods. Digital signs allow owners to customize their ads to run in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

  • A restaurant can promote specials in the morning and the dinner take-out menu during evening rush hour.
  • A clothing store during a cold snap can promote a buy-one get-one free jackets or sweaters.
  • A store can advertise other businesses products or services through the day as a revenue generator
  • Trade Show vendors, while at the show, can schedule their presentations through the week and invite attendees to participate in prize competitions via Twitter and Facebook.


DDS should be used to communicate uniqueness.
Opportunities are abound to build a strong customer base with ownership of digital signs. They may help the business stand out of a crowded competitive market-place, they will help gain customer retention, and make it easier to communicate the business unique selling points, and the value you provide.

  • An auto dealership may showcase vehicle specials, repair services or upcoming events
  • A restaurant could highlight signature cuisine or award winning dishes
  • A doctor or dentist practice can educate patients on procedures in the waiting room and add traffic reports such as to aid their journey home.
  • A supermarket can highlight new products or specials and charge a fee to the manufacturer for exclusive advertising space.
  • This new and available form of communication to customers means the differentiators you highlight for products and services will immediately pay dividends in driving sales growth over time.


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