Personal Foldable Desktop Sneeze Guards in Orange County CA

Back to School Means Personal Foldable Sneeze Guards in Orange County CA

Personal foldable sneeze guards in Orange County CA

Back-to-school shopping looks a little different this year. Even though many schools are starting with a virtual classroom setting, others are already planning to bring students back. If you are a parent or school administrator, look at these personal foldable sneeze guards for students in Orange County, CA.

Why Should Schools Invest in Foldable Sneeze Guards?

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  • Less expensive than other guards. You have undoubtedly seen the acrylic shields that are currently on the market. Unfortunately, they have to be sized and installed. Depending on the setup of desks and tables, you may require customized fittings, which are also more expensive.
  • Travel with each learner. One foldable sneeze guard travels with the student to all their classes. For the lower grades, you might consider turning them in after school to the teacher. The higher grades might take them home and return with them the next day.
  • Easy to replace. Strengthened polypropylene construction ensures durability. However, should a guard be damaged or lost, it is easy to replace the product quickly. Consider adopting the same policy that other schools have adopted regarding Chromebooks and computers; if the item is lost, the parent replaces it with a fee.

Is Your School Running Behind? Do Not Put Your Kid’s Health at Risk!

Personal Sneeze Guards for City Governments in Orange County CA

As a parent, you can also purchase a personal foldable sneeze guard as part of the back-to-school supplies this year. You know that learners have to adapt to the changes brought on by COVID-19. However, you do not have to wait for the school to take the first step.

  • Inexpensive. At the cost of right around $50, these sneeze guards are an excellent investment in your child’s health.
  • Customizable. Allow your child to customize the sneeze guard with a sticker border and similar personal touches. It helps the youngster take ownership of the item and ensures that they bring it back home.
  • Easy to clean. A quick wipe with any regular plastic cleaner or even mild detergent in water works. Wet a soft cloth with the solution, wipe the sneeze guard, pat it dry, and you are done.
  • Convenient for all activities. Does your child participate in a chess club, library study hall, theater, or other extracurricular activities? The sneeze guards go with them. You do not have to worry whether every teacher and coach has his or her room set up. Instead, you can be confident that your child will always have a personal sneeze guard on hand.

How to Buy Personal Foldable Sneeze Guards for Students in Orange County, CA

Sneeze Guards for Desks in Orange County CA

Our sign shop routinely works with school districts, private schools, and tutors. We understand the importance of coming in on time and budget. Besides that, we guarantee a quick turnaround of your order, ensuring that you are ready for your students when they return to school.

Because no order is too large or small for our shop, we are also opening our doors for parents and caregivers who wish to buy personal sneeze guards. Contact us today to place your order!

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