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Back-lit Office Signs – Kajabi

 The meaning of the word ‘Kajabi’ comes from the aboriginal word to take flight. The Kajabi company designs on-line content management systems and their goal is to help your marketing soar, hence the connection.

Caliber Signs and Imaging specializes in business signage  and when Kajabi approached us to design a lobby sign, they referred to our creative juices to design an illuminated halo lit sign for their front entrance lobby area. They had two requests; to use blue LEDs and to integrate an oxidized metallic look to the sign. We believe in simplistic but effective sign designs that make an immediate impact upon walking through the front door, while remaining consistent to their brand image.

The choice we made for the back panel material was CorTen, since it is relatively lightweight, it does not corrode, and it is cost effective. The effect that we created on the panel is called Patina. It gives a stained metallic look using nothing more than paint and sponges. The contrast between the brushed aluminum letters and the Patina finished panel with a blue glow from the letters is quite outstanding.Caliber-Signs-Irvine-Office-Signs-35