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Back-lit Lobby Sign In Irvine “Sings” At Music Store!

 If your lobby or reception area is looking rather bland, you can really spruce things up with back-lit lobby signs. This new signage alternative is one of the best ways to highlight your organization’s branding and name. Hear and Play realized this and contacted Caliber Signs & Imaging for a back-lit lobby sign in Irvine, CA.



Hear and Play specializes in teaching people of all ages how to play guitar, piano, drums, organ, or other instruments by ear and without reading sheet music. With their resources, online music lessons, self-study courses, and piano video tutorials, they have trained hundreds of thousands of musicians across the globe. Though they conduct most of their business online, they have a location on Rockfield Boulevard in Irvine that was in need of a lobby sign!

When an organization that does so much to help people everywhere experience the joy of playing music contacted us for back-lit lobby signs in Irvine, CA, we headed right over to their offices to see how we could help.


During the initial consultation with the client, we learned that they wanted a lobby sign that welcomed in clients, boosted their brand awareness, and that was as innovative as the products they offered. We provided them with a few recommendations, and in the end, they decided on a cutting-edge back-lit lobby sign.

The back-lit sign consisted of a custom-painted panel, dimensional letters, and LED lighting. The letters were routed to perfectly match the unique fonts used on their other marketing materials. LED lighting was used because it is long-lasting, energy-efficient, and does not take up much space. Once the piece was complete, we installed the new marker at a time that was convenient for Hear and Play. They were completely satisfied with the work we did.


Back-lit lobby signs are an excellent choice for companies in just about any industry. With these advanced lobby signs, high-tech firms can present an environment of innovation. Additionally, fine restaurants and exclusive clubs are able to give off an air of elegance when they incorporate illumination into a brushed aluminum reception area sign.

As leading suppliers of illuminated lobby and office signs, we have a wide array of solutions for you to pick from. For instance, our lobby signs can be made of vinyl, acrylic, aluminum, PVC, or various other materials. We are also skilled at helping you choose the perfect location and size for your signage.

Thanks to our state of the art software and printers, we can produce markers in any color you want. Our graphic designers will precisely match your corporate colors. We recommend using contrasting colors since this produces an amazing effect that really accentuates your business’s logo.

If you are ready to step up your organization’s branding efforts with a custom back-lit lobby sign, contact the friendly experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free estimate and consultation.