Wood Signs

Artistry, Chic, and Customization Describe Our Sandblasted Wood Signs in Irvine, CA

One of the least-discussed sign-making materials is wood. Most sign shops know how to work with high-density urethane (HDU), metal, or acrylic. However, only a few have the tools and technical know-how necessary to design, fabricate, and install durable sandblasted wood signs in Irvine, CA. Here is what you need to know.

Sandblasted Wood Signs in Irvine CA

Coaxing the Old School Look to the Wood’s Surface

Nothing says rustic like wood. Sure, you can mimic the great look of wood with the artistic customization of HDU. That said, only wood combines the material’s warmth with the authentic grain look that is so sought after. When you have a technician who understands how to bring out the beauty of the natural grain and incorporate the material’s texture, you know that your signage will catch the attention of anyone walking past your place of business.

Sandblasted Wood Signs

Choose the Wood

We favor redwood and cedar. Unlike other types of wood, they impress with their natural grain and do not warp and crack as easily. After all, when you invest in sandblasted wood signs, you want them to last for a long time and maintain their excellent looks.

Sandblasted Hanging Sign

Introducing a Corporate Brand and Advertising with Warm, Welcoming Wooden Building Signs

What are the best practices when using a wooden building sign?

  • Light wood brings out colors. Do not be afraid of the light-colored wood grain. It is the ideal backdrop for showcasing your corporate persona, even if it has light colors. Excellent matches include all shades of blue, red, and white. Heighten the dramatic impact by having us frame the sign in a darker color.
  • Brown on brown is beautiful. Are you concerned that there is insufficient contrast between the brown wall color and the wood tones? Several clients have had excellent success with displaying a darker wood grain on a lighter brown wall. A neutral brown tone makes up the frame. For the lettering, the white color is perfect. These signs stand out!
  • Double-sided signage gets attention. Clients not only order sandblasted wood signs to mount flush to a building, but they are also ordering them to install as blade signs. Blades underscore the old-world charm that the material embraces. Most importantly, they fit neatly under any overhangs, can be attached perpendicular to the wall with a wrought iron arm, or may be displayed with a separate stand.

Wood Signs

Caliber Signs & Imaging Does More with Wood Than Others

Full customization does not end with the sign’s shape or the depth of the 3D elements. Instead, we can layer your wood sign for added aesthetics. Besides that, we not only sandblast the wood, but we can also carve it. Do you like the idea of mixed-media signage? We do it.

Best of all, we work with the material to maintain its durability. However, we do not take away from its natural beauty. Finished sandblasted wood signs in Irvine, CA, or elsewhere in the area amaze with their three-dimensional displays and intricate paint applications. Call us today to discuss your next order for a wood sign!