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Ametek Adds Sister Company VTI To Rebrand Exterior Sign

There are literally thousands of factors to take into consideration when two companies merge. In fact, there are professionals out there whose whole job is to help businesses with their merger transition. One of the major considerations is updating signage with the new branding of the venture. Ametek realized this, so they contacted the friendly experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging for exterior signage rebranding for Orange County.


Ametek is a global leader in electromechanical devices and electronic instruments. They have a global network of service, support, and sales locations across the country and in 30 other nations around the globe as well as more than 15,000 colleagues at almost 150 operating locations. They are a leading manufacturer of calibrating, monitoring, display, and testing instruments for the power, process, industrial, and aerospace industries. They are also a supplier of technical systems and motors, electric motors, and electrical interconnects. When such an important manufacturer and supplier for an array of industries came to us for exterior signs for mergers in Orange County, we got right down to work.

Ametek had recently merged with VTI Instruments, and they needed all of their signage to reflect the new relationship. VTI was acquired by Ametek, but Ametek wanted to keep the VTI name as a sub-brand. To showcase the new merger on the existing VTI Instruments facility, we simply added the new Ametek name to the markers. For the exterior building sign, we included the Ametek logo and branding to the right of the VTI channel letters. All of the dimensional letters were made from two inch thick sign foam cut to match Ametek’s font.

Sign foam is valued for its versatility and eco-friendly properties. We then painted the sign. For the monument sign, we had to replace the two sides of the marker with new 3mm thick Silver DiBond panels. The letters are all quarter inch acrylic, again, made to match the existing branding for the newly merged company. This was a cost effective project, since we did not need to completely replace the monument sign. We just installed new sign panels. In the end, we had another satisfied client.



Whether your organization recently merged with another entity or you are just ready to present a new image, we can help you with your rebranding project. Our team is skilled at identify affordable and environmentally friendly ways to update your markers with your new logo, colors, and typeface. When you contact us to create new signs with your new brand, we perform a thorough site survey to determine which signs can get by with just a makeover and which need to be replaced. We are great at working on a tight timeline and understand how important it is for you to launch your rebranding at once to avoid brand confusion. If you are ready to get started with your rebranding project, contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free, no strings attached consultation and quote.