Custom Interior Inspirational Wall Signage in Irvine CA
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Amazon Motivates with Highly Custom Interior Inspirational Wall Signage in Irvine CA

Jeff Bezos is unafraid to take risks. “You have to be willing to be misunderstood if you are going to innovate,” is a favorite motto. Because he expects a lot from himself, he wants to motivate employees to give their best. One of the easiest ways to remind workers to do so is with highly custom interior inspirational wall signage in Irvine CA.

Understanding the Client’s Needs

Custom Interior Inspirational Wall Signage in Irvine CA

Amazon is one of the biggest names in corporate America. It is famous for innovation that builds on itself. When Amazon was opening a new headquarters in Irvine and wanted to brand their employee environments with fun and creative designs, it worked with an architect to put together the plan. Next, Amazon came to Caliber Signs & Imaging with the 2D concepts that we then molded and shaped from a computer design into a variety of 3D creations.

Challenges along the Way and the Caliber Solutions

Custom Interior Office Wall Decor Irvine CA

Although a highly innovative environment, there is still a confirmation and approval process in place. At the same time, it can be challenging to meet up with the right person during a sizable construction project. Of course, our team is used to take challenges head-on.

We started by tackling the project in-house. Doing so would allow us to propose multiple changes at the same time. This cut down on the time we spent waiting for client approval, which moved the project forward quickly. Next, we worked with the staff to gain access to the building for our installation. Finally, we did the wall prep and readied the space for putting up the products.

Assisting Amazon with Business Branding and Employee Engagement

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These were not your average wall graphics. Rather, these are highly customized, unique messages that promote employee engagement throughout the space. Case in point is this quote by Bezos: “The great thing about fact-based decisions is that they overrule the hierarchy.” We transformed it into a 3D display with ropes and hooks. Our techs worked with REI to get the climbing gear for this project.

The other messages feature three-dimensional letters that feature other letters engraved on them. It creates a puzzle within a puzzle to engage employee attention and imagination. All in all, we completed the installation process in as little as two days for the project that spans two floors.

Enlisting the Assistance of Caliber Signs for a Corporate Branding Project

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As a custom sign company, we can provide you with all the tools you would need to create your business branding. Our team gladly works with the graphics that your advertising firm or architect has provided. Of course, we can also create this in-house. If you need assistance, our graphic designer gladly puts together a setup for your company.

Besides that, we can create standard wall graphics and out of the ordinary displays that will be unique to your space. Most importantly, we can use a broad range of materials that get your message across with ease. Learn more about highly custom interior inspirational wall signage in Irvine, CA, as well as all of Orange County and surrounding areas. Contact us today!

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