ADA Conference Room Signs with Available and Occupied Slider
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ADA Signs with Slider Inserts Can Be Customized for Your Business in Orange County CA!

The Americans with Disabilities Act has stringent signage requirements. They focus on color contrasts, font usage, and display height regulations. Besides that, the Act also determines what types of rooms must feature these specialty signs. We have found that our business clients favor ADA signs with slider inserts in Orange County, CA. Could these be right for your company, too?

Construction of a Good-Quality ADA-Compliant Sign

ADA Signs with Slider Inserts in Orange County CA

Our clients request signage designs that are contemporary and fit in perfectly with a wide variety of interior decors. Besides that, they have to be suitable for whatever niche the business is in. Our shop has found that modular sign frames produced from aluminum are the best solutions.

Cut straight for an aesthetically pleasing display, they feature the room’s number in tactile letters and Braille II dots. You will notice that the numerals are slightly elevated, which allows for touch. The Braille dots are present but left uncolored, which makes them blend in perfectly with the signage.

Optionally, we can offer the integration of a corporate symbol into the signage’s design. It does not take away from the good looks of the products or the compliance. Add a clear lens to the product, which prevents any glare or reflection from natural or artificial light.

Room Signs with Changeable Inserts

ADA Braille Room Signs with Slider Insert in Orange County CA

Some business clients have chosen to label each room. Doing so requires the addition of customized ADA signs that meet the Act’s basic requirements. However, you do not have to limit yourself to the room usage. If you shift locations around within the building, consider changeable inserts that you can customize with office-printed paper markers.

Conference Room Signs with Available/Occupied Sliders

It is bad form to walk into a conference room when a meeting is in progress. Sometimes, there are so many parties doing business at a venue, that conference room usage becomes hectic. Avoid interruptions and embarrassing situations by selecting an ADA-compliant sign that features a slider. It identifies whether a room is ready for occupancy.

Conference Room Sign with Changing Occupancy Schedule

ADA Conference Room Signs with Available and Occupied Slider

Some office managers have opted to install a conference room sign that identifies the room, its number, and its name with compliant style elements. However, the sign allows for the addition of a paper insert that outlines the meeting schedule for the location. In this way, office occupants can take note when it is their turn to use the room.

Are You Looking to Order ADA Signs with Slider Inserts in Orange County, CA?

Which signage solution is right for your current compliance needs? Besides that, do you favor the sleek flat presentation, or would you like to see what a curved signage product could look like in your space? Moreover, what are your color options that would work best with the brand tones you are currently featuring in and around the location?

When you connect with our technicians, we will answer these – and other – questions that might have kept you from updating your ADA signage all this time. You no longer have to rely on generic, outdated products from the big-box office supply store. Call us today for a design consultation!

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