Corporate Wall Murals in Irvine CA

Visus Therapeutics has an office at 5151 California Avenue. Recently, the clinical-stage company expanded its office and needed additional interior office signs in Irvine, CA. Our team at Caliber Signs & Imaging presented the client with several ideas that would create the visual impact they were looking for.

Three Distinctive Signage Products Impress Visitors with a Brand-Focused Approach

Our technicians received the client’s specs and custom-matched the colors to produce the various signage solutions.

Interior Office Signs in Irvine CA Lobby Signs

Lobby sign. You will notice that the reception area’s focal wall was painted in the company’s medium blue brand color. This setup was ideal for the design, production, and installation of 3D wall letters with a white tone. We spaced the elements to allow for a perfectly centered display. Moreover, our installers mounted them sufficiently high up on the wall to accommodate a reception desk’s setup in front.

Conference Room Frosted Window Graphics in Irvine CA

Vinyl window wrap. Next, we worked on the conference room’s glass wall. It allowed for an unfettered view inside the space, which was not what the client wanted. Rather than closing off the area with an actual wall, our firm created a frosted vinyl window wrap. To bespeak the branding, we printed the company’s “V” logo in blue onto the frosted vinyl surface.

Corporate Wall Murals in Irvine CA

Wall graphics. The wall mural combines brand-focused images that underscore the company’s mission, production, and targeted field. Tones range from brand blues to sepia tones. By layering the pictures, they create an astonishing wealth of visual information. The only part of the presentation that is not overlapping is the display of the company’s name and logo.

Outfitting an Office with Brand-Building Elements

Are you looking for creative ways to imbue your office with images and colors that continue to tell your brand story? You may be surprised to learn how inexpensive doing so could be. In fact, there is a good chance that brand-building with signage will save you money.

For example, consider the investment in a mural. It takes over an entire wall’s surface. Therefore, you do not have to paint it. Similarly, the vinyl can hide plenty of blemishes. Best of all, there is no need to put up any type of artwork simply because the surface is bare.

In the same way, consider the merits of customized window graphics and lettering. They save you quite a bit of money on wall conversion or window treatments. Moreover, you get to decide if you want occupants to see out of the treated space or not. For anyone walking past the glass walls, there is a vibrant brand message.

How to Shop for Effective Interior Office Signs in Irvine, CA

Caliber Signs & Imaging routinely works with Orange County businesses on designing interior office signage that leverages creativity and brand details to present visiting customers with an eye-catching display that is as engrossing as it is unexpected. Even signage that a consumer may expect – examples include lobby signs – do not have to take on a run-of-the-mill look. Call us today to find out what this might mean for your company’s brand story!

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