Custom Wall Murals for Small Offices

Located at 32 Executive Park Drive, Protempo is a consumer electronics distributor. The company’s reach is nationwide and multi-national. When the firm’s local office needed a logo lobby sign and office wall murals in Irvine CA, the management team connected with our sign shop to make it happen.

Transforming the Appearance and Branding of a Lobby Space

Wall Murals for Offices in Irvine CA

We worked with the client locally as well as the business’ headquarters in New Zealand. Our challenge was two-fold. For starters, we had to coordinate with the corporate offices that are in a different part of the world. Secondly, the target wall in the reception area features several amenity controls.

Protempo Wall Before the Graphics

Protempo wall before adding the mural.

There is the thermostat, the alarm system, and the fire alarm pulls. Our graphic artist had to work around these features to maintain the appropriate sizing of the sign. Of course, this is not the first time that our team had to work with limited space. Therefore, we were able to make reliable recommendations regarding installation, placement, and style element sizing before the client committed to the product.

Office Wall Murals in Irvine CA

What a change with the wall murals added!


The focal wall in the waiting area features the mural that repeats the company’s corporate persona display. Moreover, you will see several squares that present elements of the firm’s color play. This is no accident. The goal was a strong, brand-centric presentation that would reinforce awareness and recognition of the corporate persona.

Pairing a Mural with a Lobby Sign

More and more companies now choose to feature brand messages in their lobbies that go beyond framed images and subtle mentions. Rather, they opt to go larger than life. Some ask us to assist them with developing brand knowledge in their customers. This refers to the consumer’s ability to connect a business’ name and logo with a specific product or service.

3D Logo Lobby Signs in Irvine CA

Others opt to boost brand awareness. In these cases, the color play is of maximum importance. These business owners want the visiting customer to remember their corporate persona and be able to recognize it when receiving emails or other targeted sales collateral.

There are plenty of choices if you wish to go with this setup. Our sign shop will work with you or your corporate headquarters to design a logo sign that catches the immediate attention of anyone who walks into your office space. Next, we help you decide on the focal wall that you want to transform into a brand display. Our graphic artist will gladly design a proposed mural from the ground up.

It may include a focus on your products and services. Conversely, you might choose to emphasize your corporate history and mission statement. Perhaps you want the customer to realize that your company is growing by leaps and bounds through photos of new construction and planned new openings.

Explore Your Options

Custom Wall Murals for Small Offices

No matter which setup you might need, we can help. If you are unsure which material to choose for a lobby sign, invite us out for a site survey. Similarly, if you worry that you might be dealing with some tight spaces, let us take measurements and show you what we can do. Connect with our sign shop today to discuss the display of 3D Logo lobby signs or office wall murals in Irvine, CA.

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